Business Services


Preparation of management financial reports is paramount for successful business management. We guarantee financial statements will be prepared promptly.
Our firm welcomes the opportunity to provide any management assistance to your business through meetings and analysis of management reports. Mentoring to your business is also available should you so request.


Allan Evans Chartered Accountants considers the preparation of budgets and cash flows an extremely valuable tool.  Budgets and cash flows provide the stimulus for  management to consider the future direction of the business, management planning on revenue streams and costs to be incurred in the future. This allows the manager to plan and prepare for contingencies, economic cycles, capital expenditure and growth. Budgets and cash flows should be reviewed regularly in conjunction with periodic management reports and adjusted where necessary.


Estate planning is about giving thought to and taking action on a plan to put your personal and business affairs in order should you become incapacitated or die unexpectedly.  The aim of the estate plan is to ensure your estate is managed in the most efficient and tax effective manner according to your wishes.

An estate plan is drawn up in consultation with ourselves and your legal adviser and perhaps others.  We at Allan Evans Chartered Accountants will willingly work with all necessary advisers when preparing the plan.

A regular review in this area is recommended particularly in relation to change in circumstances such as marriage, divorce, additions to the family or bereavements. There may also be other unforeseeable events to trigger the need for a review.

Key Benefits

  • Up to date information leads to good management decisions
  • Budgets & Cash Flows has the business proprietors thinking ahead
  • Estate Planning assures the proprietors wishes are carried forward into the future.