There are not many small businesses that operate today without being computerised.  Technology is growing at an exponential rate providing business with some wonderful tools to assist in management. Allan Evans Chartered is taking advantage of this technology to offer clients an alternative way of doing business.

For businesses with limited knowledge in this area Allan Evans Chartered will provide advice and assistance on how they can best benefit from this technology.


Savings in time and money linking your Business to us.

  • An appointment with your Accountant.
    It is easy for you arrange an appointment at our virtual office. Email, phone or text to arrange a face to face meeting via Skype using your computer or smart phone. A face to face meeting with no time lost on travel. We have clients using these services in other parts of Australia and Internationally with ease.
  • Delivering information/data as above there are many ways of delivering your data to our virtual officewithout having to leave your own office. All documents and accounting data files transferred efficiently, securely and conveniently fast from your office.
Key Benefits

  • Assistance and advice on practical application of technology
  • Time and cost savings from not having to travel to and fro.
  • Reduce paper usage and storage
  • Fast and efficient access to electronic documentation and data.